Our guestrooms have the four continents where we lived as themes; Asia, Europe, Africa and America. All rooms are spacious, fully equipped and each has a private bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

In all rooms authentic details of the farm have been preserved, such as the old stone outer walls and in several placed the original wooden construction of the building.

Rooms Asia, Europe, Africa and America are fully renovated. Additionally, almost all days you can relax and enjoy outside under the large umbrella, enjoying a book, a game of 'jeu de boules', golf or simply 'nothing'.

On request -where possible- extra beds and/or baby/child beds van be placed in the rooms.


Nicolette was born in Indonesia and has lived there the first eight years of her life. The room was inspired by the magic of the East, where spirituality and enjoyment of life come together.


Rob was born and raised in the Netherlands and Nicollete had lived most of her years there as well. The room was inspired by the 'joie de vivre' that, although being a French saying, can be found throughout the whole of Europe.


In the seventies Nicolette and Rob have lived and worked in Nigeria for 6.5 years. At the start of this century they have had a beautiful home in South Africa, near Cape Town, for several years. De room was inspired by the beauty and diversity of the Africa continent.


For a number of years, Rob was in charge of a large property development project with golf course in Lake Placid, New York, where Nicolette and Rob stayed for two years. This room was inspired by the versatility of the North American continent - it brings together both the East and the West coast.